Extra Curricular Activities:

Extra curricular activities are important for each student as well as the whole student community. Through these activities the students are able to develop and display their talents. The School Activities Calender will show each program that is conducted during the year. Students are required to participate in at least one activity or more if they so desire.

  1. Literary and Cultural Programmes.
  2. Games and Sports.
  3. Picnics/Excursions
  4. Social Services

Expectations From Our Students

We expect the students trained in our school to

  • be firm in their faith in God and to have love for personal prayer.
  • have a sense of right values.
  • have a strong personal conviction.
  • have the ability to make personal decisions. have respect for parents and those in authority.
  • be kind and sympathetic towards others.
  • be devoted to duly. be appreciative of our national heritage and culture.

We strive at developing in our students all the qualities of head and heart which will enable them to tackle any situation in which they may find themselves so as to become a source of happiness and blessing to all with whom they come in touch.