National Career Academy is equipped with a computerized library system. The library follows Open Access System. The books are issued and returned through a Bar Coding System. More than 10 thousand books on different subjects, 9 newspapers, 23 magazines and periodicals adorn the shelves of library. All kinds of reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias and career counseling guides are available for students. The library also provides audio visual CDs on various subjects in order to make the teaching learning process interesting. To inculcate the reading skills, different scholastic activities like reading meditation, book clubs and book fairs are organized on different occasions like PTMs and Winter Carnival. There is a separate teacher’s corner where a variety of resource books are available for the teachers.


To enhance the learning ability, skill and to impart practical knowledge about the theoretical concepts, the school has a large number of modern lab systems including those of Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Biology and Mathematics for better understanding through observation, experimentation and demonstration.

Physics Lab

The school has a dedicated Physics Lab with the latest equipment for the students to perform the experiments and acquire hands on experience.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all the modern apparatus and chemicals with safety measures. The students are guided by teachers and lab assistants to complete their projects and experiments.

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is an interesting place for all the students to visit because it takes them a step nearer to their own lives. Keeping the latest syllabus in mind the models, specimens, charts, chemicals etc. have been well planned.

Language Lab

Language lab equipped with modern communication system fitted for speech therapy and other audio and video activities are designed to help them develop awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills like pronunciation and intonation. English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit and French are the languages taught in the school.

Computer Lab

Computer lab fitted with latest computers and internet access. The school houses a fully equipped Computer lab- for junior and senior wing where the complete strength of the classes can be catered at one go. The students have free access to the systems and are encouraged to exploit the system resources and in this, highly experienced and talented computer teachers and a lab assistant support them.

Math Lab

It is a colorful lab to facilitate and engage the students in a variety of hands on learning experiences the students and teachers have put together models and gadgets in the laboratory.

There is also extensive use of technology. The computers and the internet are used for teaching, self learning, interactive mental maths quizzes and speed calculation competitions. The geometer sketch pad and the handheld calculators are used to explain concepts from coordinate geometry to calculus to learn and understand quadratic equations; conic sections and trigonometric curves etc.